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Tent Card with Mobile Site

Envelopes with 100% Open Rate?  Post Cards with 100% read rate?

postcard2Let me ask you this.  If I sent you an envelope with a picture of your own house on it would you open it?

If a post card had a picture of your face on it would you read it?  Well that is pretty well what you can do with businesses. roofer_postcard You get a Google street view of their store front or their logo.  

Then your SuperTweak document sorts out all the graphics and addresses and creates post cards and envelopes with the clients logo or store front picture on it.  Can be printed or emailed first.

Summary – What you Get

Yellow Page Flyer for Dummies – Use Mobile Renegade to Generate Leads

Yellow_Pages_FlyerEach flyer has picture of the potential client’s place of business on it and a custom mobile site created by superimposing their logo on top of an image of a smart phone.  Clients are scraped from the Yellow Pages using Mobile Renegade. These people know they are wasting their money on Yellow Pages. The  flyer can be printed and mailed in a custom envelope using the picture of their store front or it can be emailed using the scraped email addresses that Mobile Renegade gets from the Yellow Pages. – Video Demo 4.

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Custom Letter for SEO clients

roofer_letterEach letter has picture of the potential client’s place of business on it, a screenshot of their competition on the first page of Google, and stats that show how much traffic the competition is getting.  The  clients picture can be printed on the envelope or the letter can simply be emailed.


Free Training Videos Demo 1 to 5


  • How to open a tweaked document for the first time.
  • Demo 1 Course Summary
  • Demo 2 Freebee 1 – How I got 2 clients for a cost of 37 cents
  • Demo 3 Freebee 2 – How to really capture the attention of the owner
  • Demo 4 Freebee 3 – Convert  their Yellow Pages Budget into what you have to offer
  • Demo 5 Tent Card – Make a professional looking tent card with Photo Paper Stock

Free Training Videos  Demo 6 to 9


  • Demo 6  Getting the Franchise Client
  • Demo 7 How the Software works – Demo on an iPhone
  • Demo 8 Building a mobile site and installing the Loyalty Button in 2 minutes flat
  • Demo 9 The Concatenator – How the Graphics are combined so they work with the tweaked document

Free Training Videos  Lessons 1 to 4


  • Lesson 1 – Mobile Renegade – Yellow Pages Scraper
  • Lesson 2 – Deciding what to send? Flyer – Tent Card- Post Card – Letter
  • Lesson 3 – Setting up for email- Email them first – Snail Mail later
  • Lesson 4 – Emailing  a batch of  Flyers using MS Word

Paid Training Videos Lessons 5 to 18

With Paid Lessons you get

  • How to SuperTweak (put in the embedded code) on any MS Word document (2007 and higher) on a PC
  • How to create a tent card  from scratch and do simpler variations of it
  • How to re-use the same graphics snippets created  for a flyer also on a tent card, post card, letter or envelope
  • How to insert seasonal images like pumpkin for Halloween, Xmas decorations, Valentines hearts and more.
  • How to create customer specific mobile sites in under a minute and get the before and after images to put on promotional materials.
  • Access to portions of my demo Trumpia account so you can produce live  SMS list and Loyalty demos but only in USA, Canada and Australia.
  • All the customer contact names, addresses and phone numbers you see in the video including the big guys like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Canadian Tire but not ones I am currently dealing with.
  • 20 SuperTweaked templates to use in case you do not want to create your own.
Note: Your only initial cost to get the client will be ink and paper or photo paper. Or you can just choose to email.  Once you get the client you will have to invest in a service  to create your own mobile site for the client in place of the demo site. If you want to offer Loyalty/SMS software to the client then you will have to get your own account in place of the demo account.  I Use Duda, Trumpia, and Mobile Renegade.  See links in resources with special deal on Trumpia.
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